We have been customers of Job Lopez for more than twenty years. He has been consistently accommodating and helpful in maintaining our garden, and takes specific interest in providing good, individualized service. The men who work with him have been hard-working and pleasant. Job has been very flexible when necessary, and has often helped us solve various garden-related problems over the years. We feel lucky to have him available to provide our garden maintenance.

-Judith Keyani, Los Altos

JL Gardening has been our family yard service for over ten years. They first went to work for my elderly parents about ten years ago. I then hired them about seven years ago. Two years ago, my sister hired them. We all feel that they are exceptional people. They are very dependable, always polite, take suggestions well and often do more than is expected. I am happy to give them a strong recommendation.

-Charlene Schill, Los Altos, CA

We have been using Job and his team for our yard maintenance ever since we installed our new landscaping in 1994. We have been very pleased with theirwork. In addition to their weekly maintenance, we often ask Job to plantour seasonal color areas with his choice of flowers. We trust Job and his team to keep our yard in tip top shape. Admiration of their work is notjust from us, since both of our neighbors have replaced their maintenance teams with JL Gardening.

-John Bigler, Los Altos, CA

We have had Job Lopez and his crew clean both our yard and my mother-in-law's yard for approximately 6 years now. We find Job to be totally responsible, upfront and honest with all aspects of his work. He makes sure his crew does an excellent job by either working with them or checking up on them.
Without any reservations, we highly recommend Job and his crew.

-Natalie and John Canata

About JL Gardening

JL Gardening is based in Mountain View, CA. It's owner, Job Lopez, has more than 25 years of experience improving gardens. Feel free to call him or drop him a line to get a quote. You can email
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